Trekking, Mountains, Sea, Civilisations, cultural encounters, food, History
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Hostel, family hotels
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Local guide, 100% Terra Ultima group
5 to 13 people
Discovery Hiking
Discovery Hiking

These tours are a great introduction to travelling by foot. We take you to destinations where hiking is the main event, but where there’s plenty of unique exploring to do through other activities. Rich in exoticism, history and culture, these tours satisfy the hiker and the explorer in you! Most of the hiking is done in low or moderate altitudes, except for a few passes or summits that can reach up to 4,000 meters. Travellers carry only a day backpack, while a team on site transports the rest of the equipment. Nights are spent in a hut, tent, lodge or small inn when we’re hiking.

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Have you ever dreamed of travelling to the Greek islands in the middle of the Mediterranean between sea and mountains? That is what we offer you in Crete, the biggest Greek island and the fifth in size in the Mediterranean basin. At the intersection of the East, Africa and the West, it has much in store for you to discover: diverse arid mountain landscapes, [dizzying] gorges and small ancestral villages at the edge of the sea. You will cross the western Crete mountains between Chania and Sfakia while travelling from north to south past magnificent summits and gorges. The Lefka Ori range (White Mountains in English) is called that because the sunlight reflects on the white rocks and sometimes on the snow in some locations. We will take you to the highest point of those mountains, Mount Pachnes, so that you can fully appreciate their size !


• Superb trekking in the White Mountains of western Crete and climbing Mounts Pachnes and Gingilos
• Visiting the paradisiacal Elafonissi Beach
• Crossing the Samaria and Aradena gorges, some of the longest in Europe
• Staying in several picturesque villages on the Mediterranean coast like Loutro and Agia Roumeli
• Visiting the cities of Chania and Heraklion as well as Knossos Palace
• Discovering gastronomic delights with numerous influences and amongst the healthiest in the world


• Trip accompanied by certified and qualified guides who have made many high-summit climbs
• A linear itinerary along the coast with complete independence and without road access
• An experience that is both culinary and athletic, perfect for the active hedonist !
• Charming small local hotels in the heart of communities
• Our guide customizes the trip for you; there is no middleman (no other agency)
• The Terra Ultima team knows the country very well
• We are a friendly and personal agency


• Trip during which comfortable conditions, outside tourist locations, can sometimes be in short supply
• Several days of hiking (trekking) and a good daily amount of climbing and descending
• Several nights in shelters or tents in the cold, the heat and mountain conditions
• Not difficult technically but average of five hours trekking daily

Start End Days Prices incl. tx. State



Complete the registration form and send it to us. A $500 deposit per person is required to confirm your booking. The amount of this deposit will be deducted from your final invoice. The first payment of 50% is required 90 days before the start of the trip. Full payment must be made 45 days before the date of your trip.


• The land portion (except the taxi to Heraklion on departure)
• The flight to and from Montreal (when flight option chosen)
• Services of local Francophone guide
• All meals while trekking
• Drinking water for the trek
• Three-star accommodations in the city
• Entry fees for locations visited during the trip
• Baggage transportation
• All the shared equipment for the trek
• Preparatory meeting
• Taxes and service charges


• Return airport tax
• Tips for guides and drivers
• Some meals in the city (*see [travel journal])
• Drinks
• Personal purchases and souvenirs
• Personal rentals
• Everything not indicated under THE PRICE INCLUDES
• Contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (province of Quebec) (one dollar per $1,000)

Conditions of participation



• Small group of 6 to 13 travellers.
• All-inclusive.
• The trip is entirely supervised by a Terra Ultima guide, ensuring things go as planned on the route, the technical aspects of trekking and the quality of services, besides sharing his or her knowledge of Crete with the travellers.
• Presence of numerous locals: guides, drivers, boat captain etc. They proudly represent Crete !
• Information and preparation meetings with your group before departure.


Your bags will be transported throughout the trip in our minibus or the shuttle boat (the Neptune or ferry) that connects all the villages of the southwestern coast of Crete. Our team on the ground will take care of those logistics. You will only have to collect your bag at the end of each day in each hotel or village port. Of course, we will inform you at that time. You will only carry a day bag for all trekking.


All urban and transfer transportation will be by private bus. We will take care of the group from your arrival at the airport until we return to the airport for our departure. During the trek, there will be transfers by boat or minibus to visit important sites. It will be the same boat or minibus that transports your baggage for certain sections.


In the city (Chania and Heraklion), we will stay in well-located three-star hotels and, during our trekking, in small and homey hotels. It is in those smaller hotels where you will have the unique opportunity to experience genuine and friendly contact with the local population and stay in villages with no road access. Your accommodations will be double occupancy with private bathroom. Our hosts will serve us breakfast in the morning.


For lunches, we will buy what we need in the villages to make you good picnics for along the way. For suppers, we will take advantage of great village tavern fare near your accommodations. We have thermoses for coffee, tea or fresh juice for our breaks while trekking. At all times, we will promote local specialties so you can discover the major classics of Cretan cuisine !


Trekking can be done in Crete all year, but it is more complicated in the winter because the tourist infrastructure is closed. In fact, spring and fall are the best times for trekking because the weather is not too hot. However, we must mention that sea and mountain breezes make the weather relatively moderate. Furthermore, regular access to the sea will mean we can cool off during our trip. As for rain, it is rather dry from April to October and a little more humid during the winter. In the summer, it can hit 40° C! On the other hand, it is important to point out that the weather in the mountainous areas toward the centre of the island can quickly become windy and cold. We will be above 2,000 metres sometimes.


In Crete, just like the rest of the Greek islands, the currency is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in major cities, and we suggest you use Visa or Master Card. You can withdraw euros directly from ATMs in the city. However, is preferable to travel with cash. We will let you know the recommended amount.


You should plan on approximately $5 per day per person per Québécois Terra Ultima guide. It is up to you, but you can consider this information as an indicator of the industry standard. Of course, you can increase it based on your appreciation !


We would like to remind you how important it is to have medical insurance to avoid ending up with a large bill for hospitalization abroad or for repatriation and to have cancellation insurance to cover the non-refundable part of the cost of your trip. We offer complete travel coverage with or without cancellation insurance. Contact us if you would like a bid. If you get cancellation insurance through us, you can do so when you make your final payment, but if you go elsewhere for that insurance, we remind you that you might have to have it when you make your initial deposit. Furthermore, if you have insurance through your credit card service, it is imperative that you make your initial deposit using that card.

Furthermore, you must have coverage that includes mountaineering because we will be trekking with crampons on our feet and carrying ice axes. Contact us if you would like to know more about the specialized insurer.

Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) classes (the one for this trip is in bold) :
Currently, the system divides all hikes and climbs into five classes:
• Class 1: hiking
• Class 2: possible use of hands required for balance.
• Class 3: requires use of hands for climbing; rope may be used.
• Class 4: simple climbing, with exposure; a rope is often used.
• Class 5: technical free climbing


Visas are not necessary for Canadians.


We advise you to consult the travel clinic or community health department nearest you to find out which vaccinations may be required for the various regions to be visited.


230 V/50 Hz outlets are used in Crete. Please consult this site (https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/ca/greece/) to find out more about the outlets. Internet access is generally easy to get in Crete. There are wi-fi networks in most hotels and some restaurants, sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.


You will need a bag big enough to carry what you need for a day (day bag). This is the bag you will have with you and that you could use as a carry-on. Your main baggage can be a backpack or a duffel bag, some of which have handles and/or even wheels. A rigid bag, especially a large one, is not recommended because it is not flexible and takes up a lot of space on smaller means of transportation like minibuses. Don’t forget to identify your bags with your name and address.

You will receive a complete list of equipment when you register for the trip (see attachment).

Here are a few complimentary documents to download: